About Qcrete

Qcrete India has relentlessly built a reputation for over two decades, on a strong foundation of quality,commitment and credibility, to emerge as a leading and preferred supplier of Concrete Solutions serving the infrastructural, industrial, commercial and residential segments of the construction industry. Having started off in Karnataka, it has established brand recognition in the neighbouring state of Kerala too, with high-quality products and reliable client service. The company has charted phenomenal growth through the years and evolved into a leading brand in the Cement, Real Estate and Concrete Industry, with the vision and experience to understand the specifications, functionality and requirements of its clientele.

At Qcrete, a dedicated team of highly talented and technically proficient employees work at delivering innovative and high-quality products, to the diverse needs of the building industry. We manufacture using the best in technology and infrastructure to provide sustainability at affordable prices, whilst continually endeavouring to reduce the industry footprints on the environment.


At Qcrete we envisage to rank ourselves as the most trusted supplier of concrete solutions in India, adhering to quality, innovation and credibility, without compromise. We foresee a people and indeed a nation that stands tall and proud on a foundation as sturdy as the concrete we manufacture.


Our resolute focus is to deliver “Peace of Mind” enforced with “Complete Trust” on all our products and services, to all our stake holders. We strive to build an everlasting and unshakable bond with all whom we serve.

Tangible Solutions. Resilient Outcomes. (Robust, Durable, Formidable)

Qcrete India is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through extensive research and adoption of research outcomes from all over the world. By upholding the principles of sustainable development,sustainable means, practices and policies have been adopted by Qcrete right from inception. Practices incorporated include using recycled water for production and manufacturing finished products that are resilient and capable of withstanding the forces of nature.

Sustainability has become part of the fabric of Qcrete’s operations. Qcrete aims to involve every aspect of the company in the green movement. Qcrete has taken a forward leap in this direction by using industrial by-products in place of natural resources whenever and wherever possible. These sustainable methods and adherence to green initiatives have been adopted from the start and not as a solution to a problem. Our quest for modernisation also attempts to balance social, economic and environmental impact.

Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.

Ralph Bicknese