Although IS 4926 – Readymix Concrete- Code of Practice has specified comprehensive procedures for ensuring QA and QC of concrete, it is difficult for the customers RMC to check each and every provision.

What is needed is a simple mechanism by which the customer should get assurance about the quality of concrete being supplied to him.

For the purpose, the “Foreword” of IS 4926 stated –

“For the effective implementation of the provisions of this standard, it may be desirable that ready-mixed concrete plants operate their system under a third party certification scheme to ensure operation of a well structured system and to build confidence in the users of such concrete.”

RMCMA (Ready Mix Concrete Manufacturers Association) was the first to realize the need of established framework to ensure the quality of concrete produced by RMC manufacturers.

RMCMA, with the help of national experts from construction industry and also those within the ready-mixed concrete industry developed a quality scheme for ready mixed concrete.

The scheme was launched in December 2008, RMCMA operated the scheme till December 2012.

To raise the quality scheme to a higher pedestal, RMCMA signed a MOU with Quality Council of India (QCI)

QCI is registered as non-profit, autonomous society, governed by a council with representatives from government , industry, technical institutions and consumers.

The chairperson of the organization is appointed by the “Prime Minister”:

QCI scheme conforms to the requirement of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Indian Road Congress (IRC), Indian Railway Standards (IRS) etc.

QCI: Objectives

  • Establish and maintain an accreditation structure in the country.
  • Provide right and unbiased information on quality related standards.
  • Facilitate up gradation of equipments and techniques related to quality.
  • Spread quality movement in the country through National Quality Campaign.
  • Represent India’s Interest in International forums.
  • Help establish brand equity of Indian products and service.

QCI has come up with two schemes under Ready-mixed Concrete Plant Certification Scheme (RMCPCS) RMC Capability Cerrtification – A must!!!! RMC 9000+ Certification – Optional. Our plant location at Bettahalasuru, Bangalore is the first plant to receive RMC Capability Certification from QCI. (Certificate enclosed)

Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.

Ralph Bicknese