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Query : Doctor Q there are buildings built using 3D concrete printing technique in China where High strength concrete is used, without using formworks. Also, curing is not done. But still, multi-storeyed buildings are built. How is it possible???

Anju Johny, MITS

Doctor Q : Any material made with cement requires curing, while the materials used for 3d printing are usually metals and plastic. If 3d printing is done with cement concrete, it also requires curing. In China as per reports, Houses are fabricated using a specially formulated and patented "ink"(The "Ink" include construction waste such as concrete, fibreglass, sand and special hardening agent) and not cement concrete; which does not require curing. (source: https://3dprint.com/38144/3d-printed-apartment-building/)

Query : Curing plays a key role in the life of concrete but the interlocking concrete pavers of the present day are not cured at all. The manufacturers say curing is not required. The only admixture added to it, to my knowledge, is a lignin-based compound. What could be the reason? Does the absence of curing undermine the strength of the pavers?

Kevin Mathews Kurian, Saintgits College of Engineering, Kottayam

Doctor Q : Even though in case of interlocking concrete block pavement, the concrete used for the manufacture is of zero slumps and is compacted and vibrated forcefully into the mould which produces the pavement blocks of high strength, still requires curing for long-term durability of the pavement blocks.

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